Malkahalaku Ranger Journals

Episode 2: Pride & Joy

This 2-minute video marks the graduation of Malkahalaku Community Conservancy's 22 anti-poaching rangers from the KWS Law Enforcement Academy - a passing out parade with a difference, celebrated with pride and joy!

Episode 1: The Long Road to Manyani

This 6-minute video follows 22 young anti-poaching ranger recruits from Malkahalaku Community Conservancy through their induction training, battling storms and mud, and delivering food aid to their home villages cut off by flooding, before enrolling for a training course at the Kenya Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Academy.

Behind the Scenes at TsavoCon

The Eagle Has Landed

This 1-minute clip records the momentous occasion of our first anti-poaching aircraft landing for the very first time on Tsavo's rust red earth, having come all the way from the United States of America. The aircraft is a 180HP Top Cub, ideally suited for its role of supporting anti-poaching and logistics operations in Tsavo's conservancies.

Eye Witness Reports

Wounded Taita Elephant

August 2016, an elephant is wounded by gunshot in the Taita Ranches, greater Tsavo Conservation Area. Despite best efforts to treat it, the prognosis is not good. (30 second clip)

TsavoWild - a glimpse into the wonderful world of Tsavo's varied wildlife

Symphony & Synchrony

The red-billed quelea is the world's most abundant wild bird species. In Tsavo they congregate in huge flocks often numbering over one million birds. This two-minute movie shows flocks of quelea drinking in the river in the glare of the midday heat - filmed from TsavoCon's HQ.