ian saunders operations director tsavo conservation group

Ian Saunders
Co-founder & CEO
Working across UK, USA and Kenya, Ian Saunders fulfills an international leadership role for TsavoCon, developing TsavoCon's global profile and working on the ground in Tsavo to ensure optimal operational delivery. Ian is one of Africa’s most respected protected area managers, who combines over two decades of hands-on experience in anti-poaching, natural resource management, cross-cultural liaison and environmental education with an Honors Degree in Wildlife Conservation and Management. Ian’s clear strategic vision for transforming the practice of conservation has evolved into TsavoCon’s Stabilization through Conservation (StabilCon) approach, a low-intensity stabilization model which seeks to integrate the needs of people with the needs of nature. Ian is an internationally recognized expert on wildlife security and is a strong advocate for increased international investment into conservation and wildlife security in Africa. A co-founder of both Tsavo Trust and TsavoCon, Ian is a qualified pilot, sits on the Technical Advisory Board of the Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association, frequently briefs members of the US Congress on the global implications of wildlife crime, writes for The Cipher Brief and serves as Vice President of the African Environmental Film Foundation.
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mohamed kamanya coordinator tana river county

Mohamed Kamanya
Coordinator – Tana River County
Mohamed Kamanya leads the field deployment of the TsavoCon stewardship team in the Malkahalaku Community Conservancy, which TsavoCon is developing in partnership with the constituents of Asa, Kone and Onjila in Tana River County on the eastern flank of the greater Tsavo ecosystem. Kamanya began his career in conservation with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), where he was paramilitary trained and subsequently became an instructor in skill at arms, wildlife conservation and bush survival techniques. For eight years, he was stationed in Tsavo East, initially as a member of the KWS Rhino Monitoring and Rapid Security Response team and subsequently in charge of the KWS Rhino Monitoring Unit and Rhino Database. During this time, he trained as an instructor in rhino monitoring (African Rhino Research Specialist), and is now recognized as one of the country’s leading rhino conservation practitioners. After Tsavo, Kamanya served in KWS security roles in Meru, Kora and Mount Elgon National Parks. Kamanya returned to Tsavo in 2014 to work for the Tsavo Trust, and subsequently joined TsavoCon in January 2016. He holds a diploma in Wildlife Sanctuary Management from the KWS Training Institute.
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donald mombo taita taveta county coordinator

Donald Mombo
Coordinator – Taita Taveta County
Donald Mombo has for decades been one of the most prominent and persistent proponents of conservation and sustainable natural resource management in Taita Taveta County, which lies at the heart of the greater Tsavo ecosystem. His career in conservation began in 1985 as an Assistant Warden with the Wildlife Conservation and Monitoring Department, the forerunner to KWS. He subsequently directed his energies into conservation education, first with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, then as a lecturer at the Kenya Utalii College and as a visiting lecturer at the Japan Plant and Animal Academies (Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kanazawa and Nagoya). From 2002 to 2006, Mombo served as Executive Coordinator of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum, which he cofounded under the USAID-funded Conservation of Resources through Enterprise (CORE) program. Prior to joining TsavoCon, Mombo was Chief Executive Officer of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association, which continues to be one of TsavoCon’s key implementing partners. Mombo leads the development of TsavoCon’s county-wide Taita Taveta project, which seeks to help coordinate environmental management across this iconic landscape in partnership with a broad cross-section of stakeholders including the County Government of Taita Taveta, KWS, rural landowners and NGOs active in this region.
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tanya saunders executive director tsavo conservation group

Tanya Saunders
Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer
Tanya brings 18 years of non-profit management to her role as CFO of Tsavo Conservation Group (TsavoCon). Her career has consistently maintained a particular focus on conservation of the greater Tsavo ecosystem, first as a founding director of the African Environmental Film Foundation, then as co-founder and CEO of Tsavo Trust for three years. Tanya co-founded TsavoCon in the USA in 2013, and moved into a full time executive role when TsavoCon expanded its mandate from its initial role of supporting conservation through grant funding from the USA to a full time operational function in Kenya. At this time, TsavoCon took over the management of and responsibility for several projects which had been started under Tsavo Trust. Currently based in the UK, Tanya leads the organization’s fund development functions across UK, USA and Kenya. Tanya is an internationally published writer on conservation and natural history, and continues to serve as Vice President of the African Environmental Film Foundation, which produces educational films about environmental issues in Africa.
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