By working in partnership with a broad range of interested stakeholders, including county and national government agencies, commercial investors, local and international support networks and NGOs, the TTECi seeks to ensure that the current environmental challenges and livelihood needs of Taita Taveta County’s constituents are addressed through the prudent and coordinated management of natural resources, including but not limited to wildlife conservation, human-wildlife conflict mitigation and nature-based economic development.

In order to ensure that all the initiative’s projects respect the needs of people alongside the needs of nature, TsavoCon’s Stabilization through Conservation (StabilCon) approach will guide the implementation of all TTECi activities outside the National Parks (which are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service, the national wildlife authority). StabilCon is a holistic approach designed to assist rural communities —through collaboration and capacity building—to improve physical security for both wildlife and people, strengthen economic security, build environmental security and promote good governance.

The TTECi works in alignment with the provisions of the Constitution of Kenya and all other applicable legislation while contributing towards the attainment of local, national and international goals for environmental stewardship, wildlife conservation and sustainable development.