Malkahalaku Community Conservancy occupies a strategically and ecologically critical area along the eastern flank of the greater Tsavo ecosystem. At 1.2 million acres in size, Malkahalaku is one of Kenya’s largest community conservancies, inhabited by predominantly nomadic pastoralists and a wide range of wildlife. As well as being prime cattle country, Malkahalaku provides an important seasonal feeding ground for elephants and is home to a healthy population of large predators, including lion, leopard and cheetah. The development of Malkahalaku Conservancy is playing an increasingly important role in boosting the rural economy and creating a more stable environment for its human population while expanding the dispersal areas available for wildlife, ensuring people benefit from their coexistence with wildlife and helping to protect the Tsavo National Park’s eastern boundary.


IMPRESSIONS OF MALKAHALAKU...a harsh beautiful place, with enormous potential to change lives for the better and for the long term

Malkahalaku Community Conservancy belongs to the constituents of the Asa, Kone and Onjila locations in Tana River County. TsavoCon claims no ownership to Malkahalaku, but is the Conservancy’s primary development partner. TsavoCon operates as a stewardship organization in a support and mentoring role, helping Malkahalaku’s constituent communities to implement our Stabilization through Conservation (StabilCon) framework. TsavoCon assists by securing investment into the area (currently from the donor community but with the goal of future commercial investment into local nature-based enterprises), provision of planning, technical and operational support, capacity building and development of strategic partnerships beneficial to the Conservancy.

By implementing StabilCon, Malkahalaku Community Conservancy is improving security for people, their livestock and wildlife, while diversifying and strengthening the community’s economic base (predominantly through improved rangeland and natural resource management and enhancement of their cattle industry). In this way, the Conservancy helps people to yield greater returns from their natural resources while safeguarding a healthy environment so that its benefits may be shared between this generation and those that follow.

VIDEO: Malkahalaku Ranger Journals


The Malkahalaku Community Conservancy anti-poaching ranger recruits graduated from the KWS Law Enforcement Academy in April 2016. A delegation of elders from Malkahalaku traveled overnight to be there for the passing out parade, which was also attended by the TsavoCon team, and celebrated in a passing out parade with a difference! These young men will not only be protecting wildlife in their Conservancy, but will also be providing extra security for people and their all-important livestock.

You can follow the Malkahalaku Community Conservancy Rangers on film in the MALKAHALAKU RANGER JOURNALS (left).